Republic Bank Workplace Safety Guidelines 

PR – The Bank and General Workers Union is disappointed withthe Republic Bank Grenada Limited unwillingness to ergage the Union on its revised Workplace Safety Guidelines relative to Covidl9, and calls upon the Bank to immediately suspend its revised Workplace Safety Guidelines which took effect on January 3rd,2022. 

We believe that several sections of the Workplace Policy appears discriminatory and threatens the very economic survival of the employees, who gave many years of service, made selfless and dedicated sacrifices to the Bank over the years. Additionally, the part of its guidelines which require mandatory PCR fortnightly testing for unvaccinated workers will cause tremendous difficulties for workers since they are unable to bear the cost of such test. 

On September 15th, 2021 a detailed analysis of the Republic Bank Workplace Safety Guidelines was provided to the Bank by the Union outlining the many infractions against workers rights, such as elements of duress, coercion and discrimination which was present in several articles. 

On October 20th, 2021,the Union provided alternative recommendations to address the infractions contained in the $/orkplace Safety Guidelines with the view that both sides will work together in fighting the common enemy, Covid-l9. 

Despite our best efforts to maintain good industrial relations with &e Bank, on January 3’d,2022 The Bank went ahead and implemented a revised version of the Safety Guidelines containing some of the in&actions identified by the Union previously. 

The Union reiterates its position that as a people, we face one (1) common enemy “Covidl9.” It is only by a collective approach through consultation, education and persuasion that we are able to overcome this pandemic. 

The Union calls for an imrnediate suspension of “The Republic Bank Workplace Safety Guidelines” and in particular its intention to implement mandatory PCR Testing by January 17th, 2022 for unvaccinated workers is not in the best interest of all parties. Continued dialog and engagement will avoid an escalation of the industrial climate.