Remarks By Dr. The Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell On The Occasion Of International Women’s Day

PR – It is certainly my pleasure to join with the Minister of Social Development, Housing and  Community Empowerment, Honourable Delma Thomas in wishing all women, Happy  International Women’s Day. 

Fellow Grenadians, as I reflect on this year’s theme for International Women’s Day, it brings to  mind a history of strong, transformational female leadership which continues to leave an indelible  mark, from which subsequent generations of women can draw valuable lessons.  

The significant role played by women in a country’s development process is clearly demonstrated  in Grenada, with almost equal representation in the highest decision-making bodies – the country’s  parliament and the Cabinet. 

As the Prime Minister and an advocate for equal opportunity, I find it necessary to speak in support  of the empowerment of the nation’s women, recognising the very diverse contributions being  made. At the same time, I must acknowledge that there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure  that our women and girls are valued, as provided for in the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs). Women’s voices are critical to a nation’s progress. 

And so today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, I recognise the contributions made  by female leaders, not just in politics and Government or as business executives, but also, in our  homes, in villages and communities, working miracles every day to care for families, being the  glue that keeps us all connected.  

We must also acknowledge the matriarchs in our families who nurture us; farmers and  fisherwomen who feed us; the young, bold and determined women who are eager to forge paths with fresh ideas; the brave women who challenge traditional mindsets and norms by entering non traditional fields of work; the female members of civil society and non-governmental organisations who hold us accountable; micro-business owners; teachers; policewomen; healthcare workers; social workers, and all of the women on the team of frontline personnel, fighting hard to keep  Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique safe and secure, especially during this time.

I see you. The Cabinet sees you. All of Grenada sees you. We value you. We appreciate your sacrifices. We applaud your commitment. We thank you for your contribution to building this  place we call home.  

Grenada has a lot to be proud of and I am extremely honoured to be leading the country at a time  when we are making significant strides with respect to effective participation and equal  opportunities for women in leadership and decision-making in public life. 

My friends, I continue to pledge support for this; I pledge support for women being able to live a  life free of violence and discrimination and I encourage all brothers, fathers, sons, all men, to do  the same. Become an ally for our women. To my Grenadian sisters, continue to be part of the  conversation, continue to rise, continue to lead. I stand with you, today and always. I thank you.