Release From The New National Party

PR – The New National Party (NNP) takes this opportunity to advise the Royal Grenada  Police Force of its concern and displeasure with an incident which occurred on the night  of Thursday 23rd Of March, 2023 at the Brizan Community Centre. At the time of this  incident the New National Party was staging a private indoor party meeting which was  not publicly advertised or otherwise promoted as a public event.  

At this said meeting one Kem Kendon Jones, Political Activist and Talk Show Host  entered the meeting, uninvited and proceeded to engage in several disruptive acts  including unauthorized broadcasting of the meeting and verbal attacks on the host of the  meeting Dr. Keith C. Mitchell (Member of Parliament Leader of His Majesty’s  Opposition, Political Leader of the New National Party and Former Prime Minister). 

Mr. Jones has been vocal in his dislike of Honourable Dr. Mitchell and has been known  on several fora to make inflammatory, hateful and defamatory remarks against the  Former Prime Minister, his family and the New National Party. As such his pattern of 

showing up at various events in a provoking manner (Swearing in of the Opposition  Leader July 4th 2022 at the Grenada Trade Centre Annex and Centenarian Birthday Party  for Dr. Mitchells Mother on October 15th 2022). 

The NNP intends to continue its round of meetings in every constituency, therefore, to  avoid any reoccurrence or escalation we are seeking the intervention of the RGPF in  ensuring that this type of provocation and disruption to our meetings does not reoccur.  Our Party and its leadership may be unable to control the emotions of individual  supporters and the outcome of further provocations if this trend is allowed to continue  unaddressed.