Refurbished Meat Market In St. George Expected To Improve Quality Of Meats Provided To The Public 

PR – The Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and  Forestry is anticipating the provision of improved quality of meats, as well as increased  varieties of cuts, having commissioned the refurbished St. George’s Meat Market on  Thursday. 

The refurbishment of the facility and replacement of equipment are expected to contribute to  enhanced operation and facilitate the sale and distribution of meat and meat products from a  healthier, safer, and more comfortable environment for both butchers and members of the  public. 

Approximately $400,000 was spent to retrofit the existing building. Emphasis was also  placed on enhancing the capacity of butchers to ensure that they can operate according to standards of international Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). This  initiative, according to Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Peter David, augurs well for improved  quality from the farm to the table, as well as the quantity of animals that can be reared for  meat purposes.  

He said, “We are committed to improving the stock of cattle, small ruminants and pigs here;  we are also ensuring that while we accomplish that, we pay attention to the quality from the  farm to the table with this approach.” 

The refurbishment, he added is, “to ensure that any citizen or visitor who comes to the facility  can have a sense of comfort – that is a first world facility – and they can purchase their meats  with confidence that they are handled in a manner that meets all food handling protocols.” 

Minister David was delivering remarks during a ceremony to commission the state-of-the-art building, on Melville Street, St. George. 

Chief Environmental Health Officer, Andre Worme, highlighted the collaboration among the  Ministries of Agriculture, Health, and Infrastructure Development, acknowledging that one  department cannot solve all the challenges.

According to Worme, “We have a sizeable amount of meat being sold in Grenada and it is  imperative that we have proper facilities for the sale of this meat.” 

Richard Mc Phail, representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, said that the  livestock sector’s contribution to food and nutrition security is significant and has a positive  impact on livelihoods.  

“It was a very long journey to get to this point, a lot of effort by our engineers, so we want to  wish the butchers the best in going forward. Moving now to a more comfortable facility, we  trust that they will have sales as more people will be coming here,” he remarked. 

The new facility is expected to operate at optimal standards, with the inclusion of proper  refrigeration and storage facilities for unsold meat, to prevent wastage. 

The civil works included creation of office space, locker and cold storage facilities for  butchers and meats, selling stalls, improved drainage- that included the installation of  wastewater and waste distribution systems.  

As part of the enhancement initiative, butchers were registered with the Ministry of Health in accordance with the Environmental Health requirements for food handling to guarantee the  safety of meat products and the public. 

The refurbishment of the facility, as well as the capacity building of butchers were undertakings high on the agenda for the Ministry in 2022, the year declared as one for  implementation and transformational projects that are expected to ensure food and nutrition  security for all.