Reduction In Non-Fuel Electricity Rate Lessens Impact Of World Fuel Price Increases On Customers 

PR  – The Grenada Electricity Services Ltd (Grenlec) is pleased to note the positive impact of  a 25% decrease in the non-fuel rate. 

This decrease per kWh in the non-fuel charge was implemented 5 January 2022, following  Government’s commitment to provide some relief to electricity customers by lessening the severe  impact of increases in electricity prices during 2021. 

The non-fuel rate decrease, together with changes in the Value Added Tax (VAT) and the  Environmental Levy mandated by Government of Grenada, have resulted in customers paying less  than they would have without the relief measures. 

As Grenlec observes customers’ appreciation of the recent rate reductions, it notes the continued  upward trend in world fuel prices, which have resulted in increases in the fuel charge in each month  since January, impacting the overall bill.  

Given expert predictions about further increases in fuel prices world-wide, conservation and other  energy management practices are essential tools to improve efficiency as well as control energy  costs.  

In this regard, Grenlec is continually working to improve its efficiency to control costs to customers.  

Simultaneously, the Company is again urging customers to continue to build good energy  management habits and eliminate waste as this will help to control energy bills. 

Summary of Electricity Relief Measures 

  1. Non-fuel rate decrease 

Effective 5 January 2022 – 25% decrease in the non-fuel rate for electricity across all customer categories.  

In accordance with the Government of Grenada Gazette Vol 139: 

  1. Value Added Tax 

Effective 24 December, 2021 – for domestic customers only, VAT is zero-rated for the first 500 kWh. 15% VAT continues to apply to the non-fuel amount for commercial and industrial customers as well as to the non-fuel amount over 500 kWh for domestic customers.  

  1. The Environmental Levy is collected by Grenlec from domestic customers only on behalf of the Solid Waste Management Authority

Effective 24 December, 2021 – $10.00 is applied to the bill where usage is more than 500 kWh. No charge is applicable for usage up to 500 kWh.