Recent Donations From Chinese Embassy Will be Used In Moalf Farm Labour Support Program

PR – Throughout the seven phases of technical cooperation on Agriculture between Grenada and the People’s Republic of China, since the  resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 2005, the Ministry of Agriculture  has always been on the receiving end. 

Now, as the seventh phase is about to come to an end, China, understanding the quest of the  Ministry to meet the needs of the farmers, through its embassy in Grenada, has once again come  to its aid.  

A ceremony to officially hand over agricultural materials and equipment was held on Thursday,  March 18, 2021, at the grounds of the Chinese Demonstration Centre at La Sagesse, St. David.  The materials consisted of 15 tillers, 75 sprayers, 15 chainsaws, 2000 nursery plates, 45 weed  eaters, and 45 steel forks. Minister for Agriculture, Lands, and Forestry, Hon. Peter David, said  these will be used in the successful roll out of the soon to be restructured Farm Labour Support  Programme. 

“The chainsaws – we know the problems we have with bamboo and other clearing of lands. One  of the big issues that we have is that they [the farmers] need help to clear the lands. They need  help to plough the lands. They need help to keep the land clear. All of this equipment here is useful 

in that regard,” he said. “That is why we are going to be training the Farm Labour Support People,  we are going to take care of the equipment, we are going to get people to service the equipment – to keep the equipment in good order. We are going to ensure, in the Farm Labour Support  Programme, we keep the equipment in good shape. We have parts for the equipment, so that when  the farmers need it, it is available.”  

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China, His Excellency,  Wei Hongtian, is hopeful that the donation will be helpful in the recovery and growth of  agricultural production, which began years ago. 

“This donation from the Chinese Embassy forms part of China’s support to Grenada since the  outbreak of COVID-19. Agriculture has always been one of the focal areas of practical cooperation  between our two countries. We have undertaken the China-Grenada Agricultural Technical  Cooperation Project for seven consecutive phases since 2005, when both countries restored  diplomatic relations. This project has been incorporated into Grenada’s agriculture development  strategy, and it showcases the friendship between our two countries and peoples. With phase seven  coming to an end at the end of May this year, we are expecting phase eight to start and expand the  scope of agricultural cooperation, and we will continue to play a positive role in the economic and  social development of Grenada.”