Real Value Supermarket Commits To Respecting The Rights Of Workers In Matter Of Vaccination

PR – The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union (GTAWU) met with the  management of the Real Value Supermarket to discuss concerns regarding  Vaccination for the Unionised workers at the Company. 

The Union established that it was not opposed to Vaccination but the rights  of the workers to decide whether to be vaccinated must be respected. The  Union also advanced that Vaccination must not be a condition of  employment for the workers who are already employed with the Company. 

Real Value Supermarket committed to not seeking to make Vaccination a  condition of employment for existing workers. The Company highlighted its  objective of seeking to get at least seventy-five percent (75%) of its  workplace vaccinated. This objective would be pursued through education  by having independent Medical Doctors engage with the workers in a series  of meetings to help answer queries and concerns. 

The Company accepted that it must respect the rights of the workers which  include recognising there would be genuine concerns regarding the  Vaccination. 

The Union was represented by President General – Mr. Andre’ Lewis,  General Secretary – Mr. Bert Paterson and Shop Stewards Margaret Noel and  Karla Duncan. 

The Company was represented by Managing Director – Mr. Hassan Hadeed, Human Resource Manager – Ms. Shanica Gilbert and Financial Comptroller – Ms. Kerryann Thompson,