Re – Assignment Of Ministerial Portfolios

PR – Cabinet Ministers took their respective oaths on Thursday January 4, 2024, in the presence of the Governor-General, Dame Cécile La Grenade.

The new appointments will take effect Friday January 5, 2024, and are as follows:

1. Honourable Lennox Andrews, Minister for Economic Development, Planning, Agriculture and Lands, Forestry, Marine Resources and Cooperatives

2. Senator the Honourable Adrian Thomas, Minister for Tourism, the Creative Economy, and Culture

3. Senator the Honourable Jonathan LaCrette, Minister for Youth and Sports

4. Senator the Honourable David Andrew, Minister for Education

5. Honourable Philip Telesford, Minister for Health

6. Senator the Honourable Gloria Thomas, Minister for Social and Community Development, Housing and Gender Affairs

7. The appointment of Mrs. Delma Thomas as Minister for Mental Health, Wellness and Religious Affairs – with special responsibility for the Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital

8. The appointment of Senator the Hon. Quinc Britton as Parliamentary Secretary within the Ministry of Tourism, the Creative Economy and Culture to assist the Minster for Culture.

The Prime Minister welcomed the new members to the team, Honourable Delma Thomas and Senator Quinc Britton and expressed his confidence in all team members. He confirmed that “this reassignment is an appreciation that we need to continuously learn and grow and to develop to be better at what we do, which is serving the public”.