Queen Ifrica Under Fire For ‘Raunchy’ Performance

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Rastafarian reggae artiste Queen Ifrica is facing a sea of negative criticism after a video of her performing with a male patron on stage went viral.

In the footage now circulating on social media, Ifrica can be seen bending over as the male approaches her from behind. The man proceeds to gyrate on the Lioness on the Rise singer as she performs her single, Keep It To Yourself. At one point, another male attempted to dance with the entertainer but she shot him down by indicating she could only manage to entertain “one man at a time.”

“One man mi tek at a time, ok, so gwaan ova desso. One man at a time to mi thing,” she said.

The performance has since caused quite the conversation on social media with many dubbing Ifrica’s actions as ‘uncalled for’, especially as the singer is seen as a “conscious reggae artiste.”

“This song never call fi all a this. Mi cya tek nuh more slackness,” one user commented.

“How the boss a dagger pon a conscious tune?…. The song no have nothing fi do wid weh him a gwaan wid enuh,” another posted.

Others shared that Ifrica’s actions were contrary to the ‘empress image’ she portrays through her music.

“Not even a laugh. This beneath the empress level,” one user posted.

“Queen nah behave like queen. Wow mi shock,” another said.

While some persons expressed shock at Ifrica’s actions, others supported the display, encouraging the singer to “live a little.”

“Sometimes people bury ourselves in other people’s ideology and kill ourselves. Big up you queen. Live a little,” one user posted.

“This makes me uncomfortable but I understand. Live your life queen,” another stated.

Attempts made by Observer Online to get a comment from the entertainer proved futile.

Queen Ifrica, known for seductive songs such as “Below The Waist”, and advocacy anthems such as the hard-hitting incest bashing “Daddy” and “Serve and Protect,” has had a long history of denouncing issues such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and homosexuality.