Queen Ifrica Says She Was Raped At Age 8 By Older Girl

(JAMAICA OBSEVER) – Seemingly rankled by comments made by Minister Marion Hall who recently intimated that Queen Ifrica was a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community, reggae artiste Queen Ifrica took to TikTok over the weekend to defend her sexuality.

As she sought to strike back at Hall, Queen Ifrican shared a shocking tale of child abuse. She revealed that she was only eight years old when she was raped by an older girl in what she said was her “first and only lesbian experience.”

“Mi sit down and watch Lady Saw baptise from 15 years ago and inna 2023, when we need her the most fi bat fi God, she siddung in front of her live and tell the world say she know mi a lesbian,” the fiery singer said.

Ifrica, given name Ventrice Morgan, says she was inspired to write her ‘Keep It To Yourself’ after seeing the plight of children being abused.

“You run inna church and come back out come call me lesbian and me muss sit down and tek it?!” she said before detailing her sexual assault at the hands of an older girl in the community of Kilancholly, St Mary.

“The first one trouble me at age of 8…she live ah St Mary, Kilancholly, St Mary. We go the same Truth church, dem call me ‘Goodie’ at that age. One day, she come to me house and say she waan mi follow her go round a di land — we used to call round deh ‘Guard Land’ — go to her father weh did round deh with my grandfather a farm Yuh done know we go a di same school and we go a di same church, so, mi go wid har,” the Lioness on the Rise singer explained.

According to Ifrica, the girl then held her down and sexually assaulted her.

“The girl push me down pon the ground, tear off mi underwear offa me, rub up-rub up herself pon me, cause as a likkle girl mi couldn’t understand what that was, but mi know it never feel right cause mi a bawl and a seh, ‘weh you a fight mi fah?’ That was my first and only lesbian experience,” she railed.

Ifrica then denounced the LGBTQ community, adding that she could never yield to the “gay agenda under no circumstances.”

“When mi grow bigger and come understand weh dah world deh come with and see how much likkle girl and how much likkle boy suffer from that type of rape deh weh mi experience, and now unno waan come turn dem inna advocates for LGBTQ community and waan me fi come bow and join that, and now unno waan come call me all lesbian pon top of it too. Mi never feel like mi want a woman yet,” she said.

Queen Ifrica has had a long history of denouncing homosexuality, including her controversial performance at the Grand Gala celebrations on August 6, 2013.

During her performance at the Grand Gala, Queen Ifrica made statements glorifying male straightness, heterosexual marriage and the legalisation of marijuana.

Her microphone was reportedly turned off and her set cut short.

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Queen Ifrica is known for seductive songs such as “Below The Waist”, and advocacy anthems such as the hard-hitting incest bashing “Daddy” and “Serve and Protect.”

However, Queen Ifrica’s controversial reggae anthem, Keep It To Yourself from her 2009 debut album Welcome to Montego Bay has been regarded by some as homophobic and the hard-hitting single has landed her in hot water on several occasions.