Publication Of Addendum To List Of Electors As At March 31, 2023

PR – The general public is hereby informed that the Addendum to the List of Electors as at March 31, 2023 will be published for inspection, the raising of claims, objections and revision. This process is for seven (7) days from 18th to 25th April, 2023

The Addendum can be found in each Parliamentary Elections Constituency Office and at post offices, police stations, medical stations and other public places

Please be advised that the closing date for submission of information to the Registration Officer, in connection with any claim for inclusion in the Addendum or objection to any name which should not be included in the Addendum is 25th April 2023

Everyone and particularly those who registered during the quarter, JanuaryMarch, 2023, is advised to inspect the Addendum to ensure that his or her name is properly included. The Addendum should also be checked to establish whether there is any name included in it that should not be there

A list containing the names of the Registration Officers, their constituencies, addresses and contact numbers is attached