Public Notice – Closure Of Top Belmont Road, Close To Maxi Mart Laundry

PR – The Ministry of Infrastructure Development is planning to commence work on a section of the road linking Belmont to Jean Anglais, St. George. In this regard, the road will be closed for two weeks beginning from Sunday 21st February up to the 7th March, to facilitate the construction of a cross culvert and adjoining inverts to improve the drainage in the area.

The general public is therefore advised to make use of Dixie Road or the Jean Anglais road as an alternative route to minimize delays when traversing the area. Trucks and other large vehicles are also advised to use alternative routes when travelling to and from the area.

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development would like to thank the residents of the area for their continued consideration for the ongoing works and apologizes for any further inconvenience to the residents and general public.