Prime Minister Stresses The Importance Of Collective Action And Adherence To Protocols In The Continued Fight Against COVID-19

PR Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, has underscored  the need for Grenadians to continue working together in the fight against COVID-19.  

In his address to the nation Wednesday, Dr. Mitchell noted that Grenada’s relatively  successful management of the COVID-19 pandemic to date, is largely due to the  collective commitment of the population. 

The Prime Minister issued a specific call to church and community leaders, trade union  leaders, business leaders and all influential persons in our society. He said, “We have a  duty and a responsibility to lead by example, to encourage appropriate actions among  those who look to us for guidance. Let us do the right thing for our people and for our  country; let us safeguard our future amidst the many uncertainties in the current global  environment.” 

Dr. Mitchell said the pandemic must be at the centre of all that we do. He said, “We should  not conveniently separate our actions or a specific cause, from its potential impact as far  as this health crisis is concerned. We must remain mindful that although our COVID-19  management plan has been relatively successful, all it takes is for a few, or even one  undetected case to create far-reaching consequences for our society.” 

The Prime Minister voiced concern for the flouting of COVID-19 protocols during protest  action led by the Grenada Union of Teachers. He said, “It pains me to see that some of  our teachers and the leadership of the Grenada Union of Teachers, feel the need to  engage in protest action in the middle of a global health crisis and during a State of  Emergency, and breaking the laws of the land while doing so.” 

Elaborating further on the issue at the heart of the GUT protest action, Dr. Mitchell  restated Government’s acknowledgement that the 4% increase is rightly due to public  officers, but he also reiterated Government’s inability to honour that commitment now, due to the financial impact of the pandemic and the additional demands placed on  Government. 

“My message to all public officers is this – you are entitled to your increase and you will  be paid your increase, but let’s be realistic, thousands of your sisters and brothers forced  into unemployment by the pandemic and left without an income, are also looking to  Government for much-needed help to survive this crisis. Your elderly relatives, our  treasured senior citizens, still require help buying their medication; your sons and  daughters still rely on Government scholarships to continue their quest for higher  education,” Dr. Mitchell stated in the half-hour address to the nation.  

Seeking the understanding of the protesting teachers, the Prime Minister said  Government’s responsibility is to the entire population, not only a particular group of  persons. 

He said, “Public officers, we recognise and appreciate your many sacrifices, you  represent the backbone of Government’s operations, but at the same time, this is a  Government for all people, and we take seriously our responsibility to look after the needs  of all our people. Should we ignore the needs of the thousands of taxi-drivers, vendors,  hotel workers and others whose livelihoods are linked to the tourism sector? Should we  ignore the desperate needs of the road workers who, three months into the year, have  not yet earned a single dollar?”