Prime Minister Says It’s Not Wise To Host Carriacou Carnival in February 2021

PR Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell said it will  not be wise to host Carriacou Carnival in February 2021. 

During an interview with Shaggy on WEE FM Wednesday morning, Dr. Mitchell said while  there is no evidence of community spread in Grenada, we must continue to take all  precautions. 

Dr. Mitchell said Spice Mas 2021 will also have to be carefully considered. 

He acknowledged the importance of carnival as the country’s premier cultural activity but  noted that any activity promoting mass gathering on the scale that carnival does, goes  contrary to the recommended protocols and would constitute a potential risk.  

Dr. Mitchell said, “We have to be mindful of what is happening with the COVID-19  pandemic and be guided accordingly. While there may be a vaccine on the market by  2021, we will need to consult with stakeholders and the people in general before making  a final decision on Spice Mas 2021. However, with respect to Carriacou, I think we can  agree now that carnival in Carriacou in February 2021 is not wise.” 

The Prime Minister noted that Trinidad and Tobago which has one of the region’s biggest  carnivals, has also confirmed that it will not host the festivities in February 2021.