Prime Minister Reiterates Call For Leaders To Be More Vocal On COVID-19 Vaccination

PR – Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, has  reiterated his call for leaders to be more vocal in encouraging Grenadians to get  vaccinated and protect themselves against COVID-19. 

Noting that there continues to be a significant level of vaccine hesitancy, Dr. Mitchell said  unfortunately, a lot of people are guided by misinformation.  

He said, “It is therefore important for us as leaders to continue to advise people to protect  themselves, that’s our responsibility. We know there is some resistance to vaccination  and we have said repeatedly that it’s a personal decision. However, at the same time, it’s  not just about individuals, you also have to consider the persons you are interacting with.” 

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister continued his series of engagements with Grenadians  employed in the debushing programme, commending those who have already been  vaccinated and encouraging those who have not. 

Dr. Mitchell believes vaccination provides the best option for us to return to as normal a  life as possible. 

He said, “Our job is to meet with them and give them as much advice as possible, not to  demand that they get vaccinated because that, as I said, is a personal decision. As  leaders, we have to do what is right. I have noticed that a number of leaders in different  sectors of society, are not prepared to advise people on what is best. I have made the  call constantly, that each of us, in our respective areas of responsibility, whether it’s  business, sports, entertainment, politics, any area, if we are serious and we genuinely  care for people, we have no choice but to give them the best advice possible. In fact, we  have a moral responsibility to do so, and as Christians, we have to love our neighbours  as ourselves.”