Prime Minister Reflects On 36 Years As A Member Of Parliament

PR – Thursday December 3rd, 2020, marked 36 years since Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell became an elected parliamentarian. 

Contesting the 1984 general election as a member of the New National Party, led by  former Prime Minister, the late Herbert A Blaize, Dr. Mitchell was elected Parliamentary  Representative for St. George North West.  

Since then, he has successfully contested the seat and has been representing the people  of that constituency. In the 1984 elections, Dr. Mitchell secured 57% of the votes cast in  his constituency. By contrast, in the 2018 elections, 85% of the registered voters in St.  George North West supported him.  

Reflecting on his life as a parliamentarian, Dr. Mitchell said, “It has really been an honour  for me to represent and serve the people of my constituency. Even before I became Prime  Minister, my constituents were the ones who entrusted me with the responsibility to  represent them. Therefore, today I say thank you to all the residents of my constituency  for continuing to energise and motivate me to serve as your representative. It is because  of your support that I am able to celebrate this milestone.”  

When first elected, Dr. Mitchell served in the capacity of Minister of Communications,  Works and Public Utilities, Transportation, Civil Aviation and Energy. 

As Prime Minister, he has held several additional portfolios over the years including  Finance, Trade, Industry and Planning, Foreign Affairs and Carriacou and Petite  Martinique Affairs. 

Dr. Mitchell is currently responsible for National Security, Public Administration, Youth  Development, Home Affairs, ICT and Disaster Management.