Prime Minister Meets With ‘World’s Most Powerful Girl’

PR – Prime Minister of Grenada, the Honourable Dickon Mitchell, met  with the ‘World’s Most Powerful Girl’, Zuriel Oduwole, on the sidelines of the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 77) currently underway in New York. 

Prime Minister Mitchell welcomed the opportunity to sit down with Zuriel who, over the  last 9 years, has personally met with more than 30 Presidents and Prime Ministers, from  Malta, Jamaica, Kenya, Croatia, Marshall Islands, Italy, to Fiji and dozens more, to proffer  solutions to critical socio-economic development and existential issues of our time.  

The young change leader and the Honourable Dickon Mitchell discussed matters of youth  empowerment, focusing on the power of young people under 40 and the measurable  global development and influence of this group, especially in the area of climate  education. 

Prime Minister Mitchell thanked Zuriel for her steadfast leadership at such a young age  and offered congratulations on her most recent accomplishment, the Secretary General  Ban Ki-Moon Award for ‘Exceptional Leadership’. 

The award recognises Zuriel’s steady and consistent work over the last 10 years in  education and gender development across Africa and the Caribbean; enunciating the  confluence between climate and education; and, more recently, peace mediation between  nations.