Prime Minister Meets With Market Vendors At Stadium Car Park To Hear Concerns

PR – Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, accompanied by Cabinet colleagues, Honourable Peter David and Senator Norland Cox,  met with a small group of eleven market vendors on Tuesday, to hear their concerns  about the impact of their relocation to the car park of the Kirani James Athletic Stadium. 

The meeting was initiated by the Prime Minister in direct response to an appeal made by  one of the vendors during the recent town hall meeting. The vendor, who stressed her  desire to remain compliant with the directives of Government, said it is difficult to earn a  living at the current location. 

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Prime Minister empathised with the vendors. He said, “My  mom was a market vendor many years ago and I recall the tremendous sacrifices made,  waking up before dawn to get to the market early. I know how important that was to my  family’s survival and therefore I am quite moved by the situation you now face.  Government asked you to relocate because of the work being done on the St. George’s  Market and despite the negative impact on your earnings, you have been compliant. I  must commend you for that. At the same time, Government must take action to help  protect your livelihood.” 

The vendors have complained that not many people shop in the market during the week  and the Prime Minister promised to encourage the staff of his ministry and elsewhere, to  patronise the market. 

The vendors were asked to relocate to the stadium car park since April of 2020 during the  COVID-19 lockdown, following which the rehabilitation of the St. George’s Market commenced. 

Government is aware that the current location is not a high-traffic area and has therefore  taken steps to encourage more shoppers. A free shuttle bus service is provided every  weekend, in collaboration with corporate citizens. Plans are also afoot to host various  activities and extend market hours during the week of Christmas, to attract more  customers.