Prime Minister Meets With CARICOM And OAS Election Observers

PR –  Prime Minister, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell has  reiterated Government’s commitment to transparency in the electoral process, with the  presence of regional and international observer missions. 

Over the past few days, the Prime Minister held meetings with representatives of the  election observer missions from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the  Organisation of American States (OAS). 

In separate meetings with the observers, the Prime Minister welcomed the teams and  underscored the importance of transparency. 

He said, “I am truly grateful that both CARICOM and the OAS accepted the invitation  to observe the general elections. Government has consistently invited regional and  international observers to monitor the electoral process. We are committed to the  principles of good governance, particularly transparency and accountability and as  such, we believe it is important for the regional and international community to witness  the electoral process first hand. The system is not perfect. but we are proud of what  we have been able to achieve, and we will continue to make the necessary  adjustments to further improve the process.” 

In addition to monitoring the electoral process on Monday and Thursday, the  representatives of both observer teams will engage in several other meetings as part  of their respective missions. 

The CARICOM Chief of Mission is John Jarvis, while the Chief of Mission for the OAS  is Rosina Wiltshire.