Prime Minister Joins Students Of Happy Hill Secondary For Assembly

PR  – It was an assembly with a difference on Thursday for students of the Happy  Hill Secondary School as Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell joined them for the occasion.  

It was sheer coincidence that Dr. Mitchell was invited to visit the school on the day that  he celebrated 36 years as the Parliamentary Representative for St. George North West,  the constituency in which the school is located. However, he welcomed the opportunity  to engage with the staff and students on this special day. 

Addressing the students, Dr. Mitchell shared that he once taught Mathematics at Happy  Hill Secondary, even when he served as a Minister of Government and he underscored  the importance of education. 

He said, “Your education is the key to your future. No one should make you trivialise your  success, your learning or your desire to improve yourself academically or otherwise.  Some of us come from poor families and the only hope for getting out of poverty is a  serious investment in education. That is why, as a Government, we are prioritising  education and youth development.” 

The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and  Information has been allocated $124 million or 10.1% of total expenditure for 2021. The  allocation in the 2021 budget for Youth Development is $40.4 million, which represents a  43% increase over the 2020 figure.  

The Prime Minister used the opportunity to again congratulate the staff and students for  their excellent performance at the 2020 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate  (CSEC) examination, and reiterated that what matters more than the institution they  attend, is the commitment by teachers and students to excel. 

Dr. Mitchell also shared with the students his rationale for assuming the portfolio of Youth  Development in his twilight years. He said, “I recognise that we have done a lot of good  work, providing tremendous support for young people, problems have also been  identified. At the twilight of my political career, I felt I needed to use the office of the Prime 

Minister, which is a strategic office with respect to leadership and governance, to harness  the influence of this office to impact on the revolutionary changes that have to be made  to bring greater empowerment to the young people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite  Martinique.” 

Dr. Mitchell also encouraged the students to continue maintaining the recommended  protocols. Recalling his life as a youngster, Dr. Mitchell said he understands how difficult  it is for young people to be restrained from socialising but he underscored the importance  of taking the necessary action to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. 

He noted too that 2020 has been a tough year to govern, with Government losing 50% of  its revenue but the jobs of all public servants, including teachers, administrative staff and  other workers in schools, remain secure and salaries have been paid on time. 

The Prime Minister also acknowledged that the pandemic is a difficult time for all, but he  also noted that challenging times also present opportunities. One particular opportunity  created by the pandemic is greater use of available technology and he encouraged the  students to seek out possible opportunities that can be used to enhance their future. 

At Thursday’s assembly, students demonstrated their talent through songs and poems  and a plaque of appreciation was also presented to the Prime Minister.