Prime Minister Honourable Dickon Mitchell Attends Ninth ‘Our Ocean Conference’ In Greece

PR –  Prime Minister the Honourable Dickon Mitchell will  be attending the 9th Our Ocean Conference, scheduled to take place from April 16–17, 2024,  in Athens, Greece. 

The 2024 Conference is a milestone event that seeks to mobilise and engage all major  stakeholders in our societies for the benefit of present and future generations. 

It will address critical issues concerning the protection of the seas and oceans. 

Participants will put forward innovative ideas seeking to address the common challenges facing  the world. 

The conference also aims to reaffirm the commitment towards a sustainable blue economy,  balancing economic growth, social cohesion, and the protection of the marine environment  while addressing key challenges such as biodiversity loss, unsustainable fishing, marine  pollution, especially from plastics, and unsustainable maritime transportation. 

Prime Minister Mitchell is scheduled to return to Grenada on Thursday, April 18, 2024. 

Honourable Andy Williams, Minister for Mobilisation, Implementation, and Transformation has been appointed to act as Prime Minister in the absence of Honourable Dickon Mitchell.