Prime Minister Encourages Grenadians Not To Become Complacent About COVID-19

PR Prime Minister, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell is encouraging Grenadians  not to drop their guard as it relates to COVID-19. 

Speaking during Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Dr. Mitchell said while  Government has removed restrictions, people must take personal responsibility for  themselves and their families. 

Dr. Mitchell acknowledged that the pandemic is far from over and encouraged continued  vigilance by all. 

He said, “What worries me is that there is this perception that we have crossed the finish  line. We cannot drop our guard and stop protecting ourselves. Even if we are not in crisis  mode, you still have to be careful about what you do and your approach to COVID-19.” 

The Prime Minister is also concerned that there’s been no significant increase in the  vaccination rate in recent weeks. He underscored the importance of vaccination and  urged persons to protect themselves and their loved ones.  

Dr. Mitchell said not enough credit is given locally to Government’s management of the  pandemic while in regional and international circles, it is being commended for the overall  national approach to managing the pandemic. 

He noted that because of political divide, some people find it hard to compliment those  on the other side of the political fence. However, he referenced a national poll which  showed that a significant number of persons who indicated that they will vote for the  opposition party, gave the Government high marks for managing the crisis. 

Dr. Mitchell credited the leadership of his Cabinet colleagues for Grenada’s relative  success and he specifically cited the Minister of Health and the Minister responsible for  Hospital services, along with their staff. 

He said, “They continue to do a yeoman job. Many were exposed to the threat of COVID 19 in the line of duty and they must be complimented for their diligent service. There’s  also a number of persons in the community who provided valuable service in terms of  providing advice to the Government. We have to recognise the national contribution made  by these individuals.”