Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell Celebrates Grenada’s 50th Birthday With Grenadian-New Yorkers And Well Wishers

PR – It was a sold-out event when Grenadians, friends of Grenada and Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell, attended an elegant dinner on Saturday evening, January 27, celebrating Grenada’s 50th Anniversary of Independence. The gala was held at Antun’s in the Borough of Queens in New York City.

Thousands of Grenadians and their offspring residing in the diaspora are traveling to Grenada to celebrate the nation’s golden anniversary of independence on February 7th. On February 7, 1974, Premier Eric Gairy led the then British colony into independence and he was sworn into office as the country’s first prime minister.

In his remarks, before asking guests to join him in toasting the nation’s 50th birthday, Prime Minister Mitchell alluded to the numerous crises Grenada experienced during its early years when many of the citizenry believed there was no light at the end of the tunnel. The Prime Minister received a standing ovation when he proclaimed there is now light and that glow will take Grenada into its centennial in 2074.

The Grenada Independence Anniversary Celebration Committee of New York chaired by Ms. Frances Purcell, who has organized independence dinners during NNP and NDC governments, honored nine Grenadian-Americans. They are Dr. Carol Macintosh, Ms. Christine Noel Horsford, Mr. Leo Joseph, Dr. Roland Purcell, Attorney Yolande Nicholson, Ms. Shornda Cadore, Dr. Dessa David, Rev. Canon Leopold Baynes and Promoter Cassin “Booze” Taylor.

His Excellency Tarlie Francis, Grenada’s Ambassador to the U.S., asked Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell to join him to present a citation to Herman Hall for his contributions to Grenada and the Caribbean. In acknowledging the citation, Hall noted: “I accept this citation on behalf of countless Grenadians who strived for the independence of Grenada. We celebrate this milestone because of their determination, sacrifices and vision. We must now lay the foundation for the generation of 2074 to enjoy a better Grenada when our Prime Minister will be 97 and the children on EVERYBODY’S Magazine Independence Cover will be in their fifties and sixties.”