Prime Minister Commends Police Officers For Tremendous Work And Sacrifices During COVID-19 Pandemic

PR – Prime Minister and Minister for National Security, Dr. the Right  Honourable Keith Mitchell, has commended the rank and file of the Royal Grenada Police  Force for the tremendous work and sacrifices made during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Describing it as a critical period in the country’s history, the Prime Minister said everyone  must come to terms with the new environment, but acknowledged the extraordinary  efforts of some frontline personnel. 

In addition to the extra duties made necessary by the pandemic, COVID-19 has also  claimed the lives of two officers. The Prime Minister acknowledged this and again  extended his sympathy to the fellow officers and families of the deceased. 

Addressing a cross-section of police officers during a meeting at the Grenada Trade  Centre on Wednesday, Dr. Mitchell said, “In the context of this new environment, I am  generally impressed with the efforts of the police force in protecting the country at this  crucial time. At the same time, the RGPF has continued its proactive approach to fighting  crime, dealing with the issue of illegal drugs, firearms and other related criminal activity. I  therefore commend your success in this regard.” 

The National Security Minister made specific mention of the recent bank robbery on the  sister island of Carriacou and here again, he commended officers for quick action in not  only arresting the perpetrators, but also solving a similar crime from two years ago.  

He said, “Bank robberies are not usually seen in our country and therefore, it is important  to nip that particular crime in the bud. Being able to solve that crime so quickly, will have  a tremendous impact, not only on the police force in general, but on the confidence level  among our people.” 

Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin, who also addressed Wednesday’s meeting, outlined some of the notable milestones this year including the interception and  deportation of 37 illegal immigrants and the seizure of 14 illegal firearms and a quantity  of illegal drugs.

The Police Commissioner thanked the Prime Minister and Minister for National Security  for the unwavering support provided to the RGPF over the years, resulting in many  significant improvements. 

Highlighting some of these, he identified improved accommodation for Coast Guard  officers, new barracks at the Special Services Unit, an exhibit depository also at SSU, a  dedicated office for the Digital Forensics Unit, the addition of female quarters at the South  St. George Police Station and the addition of 10 new vehicles to the transportation fleet,  thus improving the RGPF’s effectiveness in responding to calls for service. 

Commissioner Martin also praised his team of officers for the remarkable work done in  preventing and solving crimes and generally protecting the peace and stability of the  country. He indicated the as of September 30, 2021, the solving rate for reported crime  was at an unprecedented 78%.