Preliminary Results Of The May/June 2021 Caribbean Examinations Council (C.X.C.) Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examination (C.A.P.E.)  

PR – Preliminary results of the May/June 2021  Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examination (C.A.P.E.) were received on Oct. 12, 2021, in Grenada.  

A total of 401 candidates were registered to write CXC (CAPE) examinations, of which two  hundred and ninety-four (294) were females and one hundred and seven (107) were males.  

There were 1,136 unit entries in forty (40) units. Seven (7) centers participated in the examination.  The largest entries were in Communication Studies (116), Pure Mathematics Unit 1 (86),  Chemistry Unit 1 (74), Biology Unit 1 (71) and Pure Mathematics Unit 1 (86). 

Table 1: Number of Passes at Each Grade Level 

100  219  214  161  122  55  194

Overall, there were 100 Grade ones, 219 Grade twos, 214 Grade threes, 161 Grade fours, 122  Grade fives, 55 Grade sixes and 194 ungraded or absent

The overall percentage pass rate (Grades I to V) in the examination was 93.04%. Unit 1 had a  pass rate of 89.25% while Unit 2 had a pass rate of 95.58%.  

The Unit 1 subjects with a 100-percentage pass rate were Art and Design, Caribbean Studies,  Environmental Science, French, Geography, Literatures in English, Spanish, and  Entrepreneurship. 

The Unit 2 subjects with a 100-percentage pass rate were Applied Mathematics, Art and  Design, Economics, French, Geography, Information Technology, Literatures in English,  Spanish, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism. 

One student received acceptable grades (I to V) in five (5) subjects with 4 grade ones and one  grade two. One student obtained 4 grade ones and two students achieved 3 grade ones and 1 grade  two, as the best Unit 1 performers. 

In Unit 2, one student received 5 grade ones, one student obtained 4 grade ones and one grade  two and one student obtained 4 grade ones

NB: The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs  has not yet received the preliminary slips for individual candidates from the Caribbean  Examinations Council (CXC). Therefore, candidates will have to collect individual slips in  the next week or two, when they are received from the council. Candidates can continue to  access their results electronically via the CXC Student Portal.  

Additionally, please note that these results are preliminary and CXC reserves the right to correct  the information, which will be confirmed on the final certificate.