Powerade And Dasani Continues Major Secondary School Sports Sponsorship Initiative

PR – Powerade and Dasani, two  prominent global brands distributed by the Grenada Bottling Company Limited, are proud to  announce the continuation of its secondary school sponsorship program aimed at supporting  school sports across the nation. The Powerade/Dasani Secondary School Athletic Series reflects  their unwavering commitment to fostering active and healthy lifestyles among students and  building stronger communities through sports. 

The 2023/2024 installment of the initiative commenced on Friday November 3, 2023, as students  of the Grenada Boys Secondary School were able to benefit from Powerade and Dasani hydration  stations set-up along their cross-country route. 

In previous years, the GBCL has supported the sports day event of secondary schools across the  state. However, this year, the company has increased its sponsorship to offer additional support  to the schools during the entirety of the sports season.  

Commercial and Marketing Manager, Nekoyan Bain, commented “We are happy to be able to  increase our efforts this year and extend our support to include the cross-country road races, road  relays and other activities leading up to the actual sports day. The Powerade/Dasani Secondary  Schools sponsorship initiative is designed to empower our young athletes, elevate their overall  sports experience, and instill a lifelong passion for physical fitness, and we can only do so if we  support as many of the schools’ activities as possible.”

Bain also spoke of the value of GBCL’s support stating “our sponsorship of these events offers many benefits. Our young athletes have an opportunity to benefit from Powerade Isotonic, which  is the official hydration partner for many world-class events and athletes including the Olympic  Games and the FIFA World Cup. Secondly, our Dasani brand continues to lead the way in our  commitment to environmental sustainability with packages that are made from 25% recyclable  material. Additionally, for the 2023/2024 season there is an increase in the value of our  sponsorship to over XCD$40,000 as we aim to support more of the events of all the secondary  schools in Grenada & Carriacou.” 

Through this sponsorship, Powerade and Dasani aim to create a positive and lasting impact on the  lives of young athletes, promoting a healthier and more active generation. By supporting schools,  they aspire to lay a solid foundation for the future of sports in our communities. 

Powerade and Dasani are eagerly anticipating a successful partnership with the schools and  communities involved. They look forward to nurturing sports excellence in schools and  contributing to the well-being of our youth.