Policeman In Belize Charged For Shoving Wife Out Of Moving Vehicle

CMC – A police officer in Belize has been charged and placed on interdiction after he allegedly shoved his wife out of a moving vehicle last weekend.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Hiberto Romero, said that Rosa Bol reported to police that she had a domestic dispute with her husband, Arnaldo Ical.

“They got into a vehicle [and] at some point along the highway Arnaldo Ical pushed her out of the vehicle after he had punched her in the vehicle. An investigation was carried out and Arnaldo Ical has since been arrested and charged for the crimes of harm and threatening words,” Romero said.

He said that the police officer has since been placed on interdiction.

Meanwhile, an American man who claimed last week that the police had shot his brother-in-law and then denied him medical attention pleaded guilty to spreading false news.

Police said Joseph Anthony Camp, 39, was fined BDZ$600 when he appeared in court.

Camp is the brother-in-law of 18-year-old Jaylon Jones, who was shot by police on April 10.

Police said following the shooting, Camp took to social media alleging that Jones was shot by police and was being denied medical access.

He said he had also intended to sue the police department for violating Jones’ rights.

But when he appeared in court on Monday, accompanied by his lawyer, Sharon Pitts, Camp pleaded guilty.

Pitts, in mitigation, pleaded with the court, seeking mercy for her client whom she said did not waste the court’s time.

She also argued that the charge for which he was before the court was a misdemeanour.