Police In Trinidad Searching For Men Who Abducted And Raped 11-Year-Old Girl

CMC – Police are search for four men who reportedly abducted and raped an 11-year-old girl last weekend in Central Trinidad.

The police said that while they have no information regarding the identities of the men, the child was able to provide investigators with a description of a fifth man who allowed her to leave the location after she was sexually assaulted.

According to the police, the child was standing in the garage of her Central Trinidad home when a man approached her from behind and placed a piece of cloth over her nose and mouth.

With the help of a second man, the girl was placed into a car, before she fell unconscious.

The child told the police that when she awoke she realised she was blindfolded and chained to a bed.

One of the men then instructed the other three to restrain the girl by holding on to her hands and feet before he proceeded to rape her.

One of the other men also raped the girl before all four left the room.

Police said that a short time later, a fifth man entered the room and informed the girl he was there to assist her.

He then removed the blindfold and used a key to unlock four locks from the chains that were used to bind the girl’s hands and feet. He then allowed her to dress, took her to a door located to the back of the house and instructed her to run.

The girl told police she was found by a bus driver wandering in a certain location in Couva, before she was taken to the Couva Police Station.

Officers of the Child Protection Unit are also engaged in the investigations.