Trinidad’s PM Condemns ‘Dotish’ Oil Spill Statements

(TT GUARDIAN) – Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has hit back at what he calls “dotish” allegations that Government is affiliated with the Solo Creed, the tugboat behind the oil spill off Tobago’s coast.

Speaking at the opening of the Diego Martin Public Library on Monday, Rowley said there is no shortage of negative conversations in the country that even borders on stupidity.

Using the oil spill as an example, Rowley said, “This morning I am hearing a Member of Parliament with a theory, long conspiracy theory, that the only reason why that boat could have struck Tobago and leaked oil on our beaches is because it was sneaking through Trinidad and Tobago.”

On Sunday, using a Guardian Media exclusive report as a reference, Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal said it appears this country’s waters have been used to facilitate sanction busting.

However, Dr Rowley said it appears people have forgotten the geography of this country.

“You know on one side you have the Atlantic Ocean and the other side the Caribbean Sea, and anybody going from one to the other must pass through between Trinidad and Tobago or between Tobago and Grenada going wherever they are going, whether legal or illegal, that is where you have to pass to go,” the Prime Minister told the gathering.

An animated Dr Rowley added, “Something happened and all of a sudden the geography change, the only reason why that vessel could have been going there is because it was smuggling oil from so and so and the Government was involved and Rowley was involved and (Stuart) Young was involved, how much dotishness they will talk in Trinidad and Tobago?”

On Sunday, Energy Minister Stuart Young sought to underscore, “Trinidad and Tobago is not responsible for this incident as the vessel or vessels were in no way whatsoever associated with Trinidad and Tobago.”