Plans In Train To Move The Fisheries Sector Forward 

PR – Renewed vision and increased investment.  That is the focus of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives, under  the stewardship of Hon. Lennox Andrews and Senator Adrian Thomas, as they seek to improve  Grenada’s Fisheries Sector. 

Training, improved marketing and storage facilities and introduction of modern technology  are some of the strategies that will be used to ensure the sector grows exponentially. 

At the recent Fishermen’s Birthday celebrations at Melville Street, Line Minister for  Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives, Hon Lennox Andrews, said the importance  of fishing must start in the minds of students.  

He said the government plans to introduce fishing as part of the teaching curriculum. “Fishing  is a science, and that science must be taught to our people who want to become fishermen,  and therefore, they have to be qualified. There is no reason our fishermen can’t say I am  qualified; I have a degree in fishing,” said Minister Andrews. 

Andrews added that this will contribute particularly to value addition. 

Minister of State with responsibility for Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives,  Sen. Hon. Adrian Thomas, said the fisheries sector must be restored to a model fisheries  management entity. “We have no option but to confront and tackle the obstacles, difficulties,  and the many challenges that continue to affect the stakeholders of fisheries,” Senator  Thomas said. 

He continued, “Over time, we intend to address the problems to improve the lives and  livelihood of our fisherfolk. We must restore the Fisheries Division to what it once was, a  model fisheries management entity with top-notch technical officers. We must update our  fisheries policies and regulations to bring about efficiency in the system, and ensure that our  marine space is protected, developed and smartly exploited.” 

Member of Parliament Elect for the town of St. George, Hon Peter David, encouraged the fisherfolk to  ensure sustainability in their trade. “Fisherfolk must understand that if we don’t fish in a sustainable  way, we can find ourselves in difficulty in the future. We must ensure that our methods of fishing, the  way we conduct all of the processes in the chain of the fishing industry is done in a way that will benefit  future generations.”