Philippine Radio Anchor Fatally Shot While On Facebook Livestream

(AP) — A radio anchor was fatally shot by a man inside his southern Philippine station Sunday in a brazen attack that was witnessed by people watching the program live on Facebook.

The gunman gained entry into the home-based radio station of provincial news broadcaster Juan Jumalon by pretending to be a listener.

He then shot him twice during a live morning broadcast in Calamba town in Misamis Occidental province, police said.

The attacker snatched the victim’s gold necklace before fleeing with a companion, who waited outside Jumalon’s house, onboard a motorcycle, police said.

An investigation was underway to identify the gunman and establish if the attack was work-related.

The Philippines has long been regarded as one of the most dangerous places for journalists in the world.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. strongly condemned the shooting and said he ordered the national police to track down, arrest and prosecute the killers.

“Attacks on journalists will not be tolerated in our democracy and those who threaten the freedom of the press will face the full consequences of their actions,” Marcos said in a statement.

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, a press freedom watchdog, said Jumalon was the 199th journalist to be killed in the country since 1986, when democracy returned after a “People Power” uprising toppled dictator Ferdinand Marcos, the father of the current president, and forced him and his family into US exile.