Petite Martinque Residents Add Their Voices To The National Policy On Sports

PR – The development of a sporting complex on the island of Petite Martinique was one of the suggestions put forward during a recent consultative session on the National Policy on Sports and Physical Activities.

The consultation, held on Petite Martinique, was organised by the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture, in conjunction with the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs and Local Government.

It was noted that one of the challenges of constructing a sporting complex on Petite Martinique is that the Government does not own any lands on the 500-acre island. However, Minister for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs & Local Government, Hon. Tevin Andrews, said construction could happen through a public-private partnership, with landowners donating the land for such a development.

Petite Martinique is home to just one playing field and a basketball court located close to the sea. Residents, while giving their support to the sports policy, called for improvement to the existing facilities, which will aid in developing the sporting capabilities of the young people on Petite Martinique.

Minister Andrews also encouraged those present to develop a sporting club to help in further enhancing growth in the different sporting disciplines. Referencing present physiotherapist of the Windward Islands Volcanoes, Shian Ollivierre, who is from Petite Martinique Minister, Andrews pointed to the educational opportunities available through the University of the West Indies.

Transportation between the islands also poses a challenge for athletes participating in sporting activities. However, it was noted that this will be addressed through the formation of the parish sports council.