Palestine Humanitarian Medical Mission Visits Grenada

PR – A team of medical experts from the State of Palestine is assisting Grenada in its efforts to boost the Health Sector. 

Healthcare practitioners will experience a cross-pollination of shared knowledge and skills  as they work in unison with the twelve-member humanitarian team. 

The delegation is led by Ambassador Imad Zuhari, Assistant Minister for International  Cooperation in Palestine. In his remarks during a ceremony to welcome the team on  Monday, May 22, Ambassador Zuhari spoke to the objective of the mission and reiterated  his Government’s unwavering support to Grenada.  

He also pointed to the need for Small Island Developing States like Grenada to ensure  that its transformative healthcare agenda is strategically aligned to Sustainable  Development Goal #3, which speaks to ensuring healthy lives and wellbeing for all.  

Minister for Health, Wellness, and Religious Affairs, Sen. Hon. Jonathan LaCrette and members of his policy and clinical team, welcomed the visiting medical delegation. 

The Health Minister underscored the importance of bilateral agreements. He said “Bi Lateral Agreements afford both parties the opportunity to have access to open markets  in healthcare, especially when it comes to the complexity of diagnosis, treatment, and  management of specific conditions.” 

A bi-lateral agreement between the Government of Grenada and the State of Palestine,  seeks to establish a medical co-operation that will enhance the relationship between the  two sovereign states and strengthen the medical skills gap in specialist areas.  

Senator LaCrette conveyed his Government’s appreciation to the Palestinian President,  Ambassador, and delegation for allowing the medical mission to be in Grenada at this  opportune time.  

Acting Director of Medical Services, Dr. Tyhiesia Donald says over the next few days,  medical assistance will be provided in General Surgery, Urology, Internal Medicine, Paediatric Urology and Oncoplastic Breast Surgery (this surgery combines the techniques  of traditional breast cancer surgery with the cosmetic advantages of plastic surgery). 

She added that the medical team will also provide Ophthalmological services to help  reduce the backlog of persons awaiting cataract surgery. 

The team of medical professionals is expected to leave Grenada on Saturday, May 27,  2023.