Opposition Leader-elect Dr Keith Mitchell Has Congratulated Prime Minister-elect Dickon Mitchell

Leader of the New National Party and Opposition Leader-elect Dr Keith Mitchell has congratulated Prime Minister-elect Dickon Mitchell on his victory at the polls following the general elections of June 23, 2022.

The two leaders spoke via telephone on Friday morning, during which he offered his best wishes.

Dr Mitchell said the elections are a testimony to the strength of Grenadian democracy. He said the people have spoken, and now he is willing to give the new government his support in promoting policies and programs that will be for the benefit of the nation.

Former Prime Minister Mitchell said he fully understands the pressures and expectations that come with the job

He promised to play a constructive role as Opposition Leader – stating that any opposition will be on philosophical issues that he thinks might be in the better interest of the country. Dr Mitchell told the Prime Minister-elect that he can rest assured that it will be nothing personal.

He said while he understands every new government will come with different ideas and approaches, he will like the new administration to positively consider not dismantling programs that especially benefit ordinary people the most.

Dr Mitchell ended the call by wishing Mitchell (D) and the new government well, saying that any success will be for the benefit of the entire nation.