Opposition Leader, Dr The Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell Extends Condolences On The Passing Of Basdeo Panday

PR – Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Dr the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell is  saddened, by the passing of an esteemed colleague and former Prime Minister of Trinidad and  Tobago, Basdeo Panday, who served his nation with distinction and passed away on January 1st,  2024.  

Dr. Keith Mitchell expresses his deepest condolences to family, friends, and the people of Trinidad  and Tobago as they mourn the loss of a visionary leader. 

According to Dr. Mitchell, Panday was a friend and a champion for the people, someone who  demonstrated an unwavering commitment to regional unity. He said they both envisioned a  Caribbean where solidarity and cooperation would pave the way for prosperity.

Mr. Panday was an accomplished lawyer, trade unionist, economist, actor, and civil servant.  Notably, he was the first person of Indian and Hindu descent to lead Trinidad and Tobago, a  milestone in the nation’s history. 

Dr Mitchell also expressed his hope that the Caribbean community will continue to build on the  foundation laid by leaders like Basdeo Panday, working towards a marked by solidarity, resilience,  and prosperity.