Opposition Consultation

PR – His Majesty’s Opposition expresses sincere appreciation to the organisations and sectors represented at  the consultation on crime convened last Friday. The consultation took place at the Parliament Building  with representatives from various sectors, including businesses, religious organisations, non  Governmental organisations, individuals involved in social work and community development, former  public officers, police officers, principals and teachers. 

The participants were assigned to various groups to discuss, examine, and identify how different sectors  of society can contribute to maintaining peace and reducing crime and violence in the short and medium  term. The opposition believes the drastic increase in homicides and suicides in Grenada must not be  treated lightly and requires an urgent multi-sectoral approach to find solutions.  

The participants were reminded that in response to a similar increase in crime several years ago, the  former New National Party Government (NNP) convened an urgent meeting with Religious Leaders,  followed by a national consultation bringing stakeholders together and successfully developed a five-year  strategic plan, which was later reviewed and revised. We firmly believe that the issues of crime, violence  and anti-social behaviours should never be influenced by politics or partisanship but require a holistic  approach to thwart the scourge. Consequently, the Government of Grenada and the National Democratic  Congress were invited. Unfortunately, they did not attend. 

Leader of His Majesty’s Opposition, Dr the Right Hon. Keith Mitchell, reiterated that both at the Parliament  level and during his national address to the nation, he indicated the opposition’s willingness to assist the  Government in bringing the current crime situation under control and stands ready to collaborate where  possible. He called on the Government to exhibit leadership and initiate action. 

Among the many recommendations, the participants noted the need for greater support for families,  communities and the police, widespread life skills programs at the school and community levels, and  greater involvement of parents in the lives of children. A full report of the consultation and ongoing  discussions will be shared with the Government and other stakeholders.