Opportunity For Grenadian Farmers To Export Six Commodities To Trinidad Through Salisha’s Traders BV 

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PR – The Ministry of Agriculture says a new and exciting  opportunity is being presented for Grenadian farmers to export agricultural commodities to  Trinidad and Tobago. This is being made possible through discussion and collaboration with  Salisha’s Traders BV, an agricultural trading company in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Salisha’s Traders BV wants to purchase six (6) commodities in the first instance, with the  possibility of expanding the number and range of commodities in the future. The initial six  commodities required by the company are: 

– Dasheen 

– Sweet Potatoes 

– Mangoes 

– Green Bananas 

– Plantains 

– Ginger 

Farmers who are interested in supplying these commodities to Salisha’s Traders BV are  encouraged to register their interest with the Ministry of Agriculture as soon as possible. They can  do so by contacting the Ministry via the following: 

– Telephone No(s) – 440-2708 

– Email addresses: agriculture@gov.gd and prunit@moa.gov.gd 

– Social Media: https://linktr.ee/moa_grenada 

– Eastern Agricultural District – 442-7249 

– Western Agricultural District – 444-9049 

– Northern Agricultural District – 442-9316 

– Southern Agricultural District – 440-4862 

The Ministry of Agriculture will schedule a consultation in the coming days to provide interested  farmers with more detailed information on this potentially lucrative opportunity for the farming  community. 

The Ministry is committed to supporting Grenadian farmers and helping them to access increased  market opportunities.