Online Passport Payment

PR – The Ministry of Finance wishes to advise the public that the option to  pay for new and renewed passport is now available online using the portal. This move is  aimed at addressing the inconvenience of standing in line to pay for passports.  

Other categories of taxes, fees and licenses that are available for online payment are as follows: 

  • Vehicle License/fees 
  • Driver License/fees 
  • Property/Land taxes and fees 
  • CXC Exam fees 
  • Personal/Business taxes 
  • Immigration fees 
  • Police Service fees 
  • Professional and other License 
  • Airline Operating fees 
  • Bidding documents 

The Ministry of Finance urges the general public, inclusive of the persons in the diaspora to utilize the  payment services offered by Government of Grenada by using Payments are immediate  and official government receipts are sent to patrons’ phones or email addresses.