Office Of Creative Affairs Strengthens Implementation Capacity With Appointment Of Operations Manager 

PR – The Grenada Office of Creative Affairs is proud to announce the  appointment of Mrs. Tracy Baptiste as the new Operations Manager, reinforcing its  commitment to enhancing implementation capacity and driving excellence in the creative  sector. Mrs. Baptiste’s appointment comes at a pivotal moment following the recently  concluded National Cultural and Creative Industries Conference–Unleash, where industry  stakeholders convened to shape the future of Grenada’s creative sector. 

Mrs. Baptiste, who previously served as the Administration Manager at Digicel Grenada  Ltd., brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role. As Operations Manager,  Mrs. Baptiste will work closely with Mr. Orlando Romain, Advisor for the Creative  Economy, to execute the office’s strategic vision and oversee the seamless  implementation of key initiatives.  

“We are delighted to announce Mrs. Tracy Baptiste as the new Operations Manager of  the Grenada Office of Creative Affairs. This appointment reinforces our government’s  steadfast commitment to enhancing implementation capacity and driving development in  the creative sector. Mrs. Baptiste’s expertise and experience will be instrumental in  ensuring the effective execution of our strategic initiatives. With a dedicated focus on  implementation, we are poised to unleash the full potential of Grenada’s creative  industries.” – Hon. Minister Lennox Andrew

In her capacity, Mrs. Baptiste will assume a multifaceted role, encompassing  responsibilities such as planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting, evaluation,  financial management, supervisory management, and relationship management. 

Mrs. Baptiste holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from St. George’s  University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2014. Her strong educational  background, combined with her practical experience, equips her with a well-rounded skill  set to excel as the Operations Manager. 

“We are thrilled to have Mrs. Tracy Baptiste join our team as the Operations Manager,”  said Mr. Romain, Advisor to the Ministry of Economic Development and Planning with  responsibility for ICT and the Creative Economy. “Tracy’s impressive background in  operations management and her commitment to excellence makes her a great fit for our  organisation. We are confident that she will make significant contributions to our office  and play an integral role in rolling out our one-year roadmap of activities that will follow in  the coming months,” concluded Mr. Romain. 

The roadmap of activities for the Grenada Office of Creative Affairs includes the following  key initiatives: 

  • Commence Mapping and Research Project to understand the current status of the  sector. 
  • Development of a National Cultural and Creative Industries Policy and Strategy ● Establishment of a Business Development Fund for the Cultural and Creative  Industries 
  • Initiation of training and development programmes for the sector. 

Mrs. Baptiste’s appointment marks an exciting chapter for the Office of Creative Affairs  as the entity continues to strengthen operations and drive its strategic objectives. The  Office is committed to fostering a thriving creative ecosystem and positioning Grenada as  a hub for Creative Services and Goods.