OECS Extends Congratulations To Saint Lucia On Its 45th Anniversary Of Independence

PR — The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission extends its congratulations and best wishes to the Government and people of Saint Lucia on its 45th Anniversary of Independence.

This year, Saint Lucia celebrates its independence under the theme “Douvan Ansanm: Building a Nation Through Unity, Resilience and Creativity”. The OECS Commission commemorated the occasion by hosting a virtual flag-raising ceremony. The event featured remarks from the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia and the Director General of the OECS.

Delivering an address to the citizens of the OECS, the Honourable Philip J. Pierre, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia remarked:

“Fellow citizens of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), as Saint Lucia celebrates 45 years of Independence as a sovereign country, we take great pride in our demonstrated capacity to successfully manage our external affairs and internal affairs and that we have been able to work closely with our sister OECS nations, to broaden and deepen functional cooperation among ourselves for the overall development of the citizens of our sub-region.

The right of self-determination which brought about our independence from colonial rule, brought with it the right to pursue our national aspirations and full responsibility for all aspects of our development. Over the years, we have governed our country by forging relations with various organisations and countries in keeping with our shared values, principles and the expectations of our people. In this regard the OECS has been an invaluable development partner and has played a pivotal role in Saint Lucia’s development since its formation in the early 1980’s.

As Saint Lucia celebrates 45 years of independence, we reflect on our shared history, and the values and principles of democracy, free and fair elections, press freedom, social justice and the rule-of-law, which binds us together with our OECS neighbours. And in that spirit of celebration I take the opportunity to reaffirm Saint Lucia’s unwavering commitment to this enduring partnership with our OECS sisters and brothers.”

Congratulating Saint Lucia on the ‘significant milestone’ of their 45th Anniversary of Independence, the Director-General of the OECS, His Execellency Dr. Didacus Jules, remarked:

“Douvan Ansanm – literally “forward together” highlights the imperative of unity as a basic precondition for progress. If we examine the chronicle of Caribbean history, we will see that unity has been the cornerstone of our progress. As a small island nation, we do have our differences but ultimately these do not distinguish us. It is always our unity and national will that gives us strength. Our ancestors, coming from diverse backgrounds, fought to lay a foundation for a society that would value harmony and mutual respect. Today, as we navigate the complexities of the modern world, unity should remain our guiding principle. It is only by standing together, as one people, moving together as one that we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Se sa Douvan Ansamn Signifye.

Let us pledge, on this auspicious day, to renew our commitment to unity – to understand our differences, celebrate our diversity, and forge a shared identity that is uniquely Saint Lucian. As we celebrate 45 years of independence, let us remember that our journey is far from over. The theme “Going Forward Together: Building a Nation Through Unity, Resilience, and Creativity” is not just a reflection of where we have been; it is a call to action. And it is a call to action not just for Saint Lucia but for the entire OECS and the Caribbean. In a world in which might is always right and power defines possibility, the survival of small states can only be assured by being stronger together. It is a reminder that the future of our nation rests in our hands. Let us embrace this opportunity to build a more unified, resilient, and creative Saint Lucia that is inextricably part of a vibrant OECS. Let us go forward together, with courage and conviction, to build a nation that future generations will be proud of.”

As the OECS sub-region joins with the Government and people of Saint Lucia in celebration of the 45th Anniversary of Independence, the Commission encourages citizens of the OECS to view Saint Lucia’s 45th Anniversary Independence Military Parade on YouTube. Key highlights may also be viewed via the Saint Lucia Independence Facebook Page.