Notice To General Public On Use Of Unmanned Aerial Systems Around The Airport

PR – The Grenada Airports Authority urges all citizens in Grenada to exercise due regard to  aviation safety when engaging in airborne activities especially in the vicinity of the Maurice  Bishop International and Lauriston Airport. 

Airborne objects can have a serious impact on the routes of low altitude aircraft: may  distract pilots during critical stages of flight (such as take-off or landing); be ingested  by aircraft engines or can disturb the balance of the planes due to sudden avoidance  maneuvers all resulting in serious consequences that may endanger lives and  cause harm to the property in the air and on the ground. 

The following activities are hazardous to air navigation and must be seriously regulated: 

Flying of Unmanned  Aerial systems (e.g. Drones) Be ingested by aircraft engines
Laser light projecting to  the sky Strike an aircraft cockpit and impair vision.
Kites  Be ingested by aircraft engines
Sky lanterns  Sky lanterns can travel a considerable distance from the  release point at unpredictable heights on prevailing winds.  This unpredictability of flight could cause Sky Lanterns to  become a risk to aviation through airborne engine ingestion.
Helium balloons  Balloons have been known to cause loss of control and even  crashes of aircraft.
Fireworks  Fireworks have the potential to distract and confuse  aircrews if they encounter fireworks at low altitudes,  specifically on approach to landing.

All these devices should not be flown/released within three (3) miles of the airport or the  aircraft flight path. 

In this regard, we advise citizens, residents, companies, and organizations to please pay  attention to this important issue and provide support so that we can continue safe aircraft  operations within our air space.