NNP Youth Arm Congratulates Jeverson

PR – The New National Party Youth Arm congratulates Jeverson Ramirez on an outstanding performance in the audition on the hit talent show, American Idol.

Jeverson’s performance impressed the judges which granted him the golden ticket to the next round of the competition. This is historic, not only because of Jeverson proceeding to the next round but because he is the first Grenadian to grace the American Idol stage. This is indeed a proud moment for every Grenadian youth here at home and across the world.

Jeverson’s achievement has certainly embolden the Grenadian Youth to always pursue their dreams despite their social and economic condition. Some may opine that Grenada is a small island with a population of 100, 000 people and hence, there is a minimal or even non-existent probability of one of our nationals to make it thus far.  However, today Jeverson has defied the odds – an exemplary feat and a source of motivation for the Grenadian youth.

The American Idol is in its 21 season on ABC with a global viewership of over 5 million. This means, our Grenadian son will showcase his talent and Grenada to over 5 million viewers. This is indeed astounding.

The New National Party Youth Arm encourages the government to lend any support possible to him so that he can succeed in his endeavor.