NNP Statement On The Cancellation Of The Grenada Invitational

PR — The National New Party (NNP) deeply regrets the cancellation of the Grenada Invitational. This event has been a source of pride and benefit for Grenada, showcasing our world-class track and field competition, creating an economic boost, and elevating national pride. 

We commend the organizers, athletes, sponsors, and volunteers who have dedicated their efforts to this event over the years. Their hard work has showcased Grenada on the international stage. 

We urge the government to find ways to revive the Grenada Invitational. It is more than just a sporting event; it is a vital contributor to our nation’s pride and economy. We call for meaningful dialogue with stakeholders to ensure its continuation for future generations. 

The NNP remains committed to supporting initiatives that uplift Grenada and showcase our talent to the world.