NNP Statement

PR – The New National Party is extremely alarmed and dismayed by the recent attacks, discrediting the performance of the Cuban doctors and other health care professionals. These health practitioners continue to serve the people of Grenada especially the poor who do not have the financial resources to travel abroad for medical attention.

What is even more alarming and should raise grave concerns among all Grenadians is the deafening silence of the present government.

From 1979 to this day, the government and people of Cuba have made tremendous sacrifices and the greatest contribution towards our national health care. While our health care system is not perfect and continues to be a work in progress, we must appreciate and applaud the efforts of Cuba.

The World Health Organization of which Grenada is a member has constantly recognized Cuba as having the best health care system in the Western Hemisphere.

When Cuba sends its professionals abroad , it sends the very best.
Being human not everyone will carry out their mandate but we must never be ungrateful as a people and throw out the baby with the bath water. Hundreds of Grenadians can attest to the medical care that they have received from Cuban doctors over the years care that in most instances have saved their lives.

Therefore, the NNP condemns this disparaging attacks which discredit our own system and bring into disrepute a country like Cuba which over the years has done so much for our country having so little themselves. The leadership and members of the NNP as well as all Grenadians who wish to disassociate themselves with this vile and evil attack join to assure the government and people of Cuba that their contribution and sacrifice are appreciated and we are a grateful country.