NNP Press Release

(PR) – The New National Party (NNP), is calling on the Government if Grenada to take action to address the rapid increase in cost of living which is having devastating effects on families.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, food prices was affected due to increased freight and then affected further by commodity shortage due to the war in Ukraine. Over the past months, we have seen reduction in freight cost internationally, but food prices continue to rise in Grenada.

During our term on office, the NNP administration took several measures to address cost of living including:

Covid stimulus package and soft loan program, Zero-rating of the VAT up to 500 KWh on electricity bill, removal of the environmental levy up to 500 KWh on electricity bills, and implementing a fixed price for the 20 lb gas cylinder, among others.

These measures have gone a long way to help cushion the effects and provide support for the poor and vulnerable. However, as food prices continue to increase, additional measures are now needed to help Grenadians to cope.

The government must act with the same urgency exercised when they increased their own salaries. The NDC administration seems to be preoccupied with firing persons hired under the last administration and creating jobs for ‘the boys’ as transition leads and advisors.

To date, the NDC administration has taken no new effective measures to address rising food and medicine prices and utility bills. The cost of food in Grenada is, without any doubt, at a record high, but Government seems unbothered, unconcerned and far removed from the plight of the people.

This uncaring behavior is now manifested in the decision to cut the debushing programme providing only two fortnight ahead of the Christmas celebrations. The Prime Minister, rather than deal with the real issues is using diversion tactics even resorting to telling lies to distract Grenadians from the real issues.