NNP Acknowledges Resignation Of M.P. Honorable Delma Thomas

PR – The New National Party hereby confirms that Honourable Delma Thomas the Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Northwest has officially resigned from the party. Her resignation was tendered to our Party Chairman Brother Oliver Joseph on the evening of May 7th, 2023.

The New National Party takes this opportunity to thank her for her service to the Party over the years and wish her the best in her future undertakings.

Our concentration as a party at this time remains the continued reorganization of the party’s structures throughout the country. As a party we remain focused on the many challenges confronting the people of Grenada such as:

  1. The removal of the $150 from the Seed beneficiaries.
  2. The recall of already distributed housing units in Carriacou.
  3. The issues confronting our nations vendors.
  4. Issues confronting allied health workers.
  5. The atmosphere of fear and victimization in the public service.
  6. The firing of workers in the agricultural sector, caregivers’ program, housing programs,
  7. security officers attached to government buildings, road offices and MNIB workers just to
  8. name a few.
  9. The tense atmosphere within the police force.
  10. The high cost of living and the general economic situation in the country that affects the ordinary people.

As a party, we remain committed to the issues affecting the livelihoods of the people of our beloved country.