Newly Appointed Cannabis Working Committee Announces Progress Towards A Policy Stance For Grenada’s Cannabis Industry 

PR – The Government of Grenada, in keeping with its  stated intention to develop a cannabis industry that will focus on the medical and  industrial uses of the plant, is working to develop a comprehensive approach to the issue,  ultimately leading to the passage of cannabis legislation. 

Legislation will address the medical and scientific purposes of cannabis, as well as its  potential to create employment and generate foreign exchange.  

The Minister for Agriculture and Lands, Forestry, and Marine Resources, Honourable  Lennox J. Andrews, has expressed confidence in the members of a new working  committee, saying they are committed to the mandate by the Cabinet to submit proposals  on the way forward for the cannabis industry by September 2024. “I have met with the  committee, and they have all given their commitment to the task at hand, and I have full  confidence that the committee will go to work within the time frame and deliver on  time,’’ he said. 

Previous Commission and New Working Committee: 

The term of engagement of the previously established commission expired in November  2023. After careful review and to expedite informed decision-making, the Cabinet opted  to establish a streamlined Cannabis Working Committee. 

The Committee was established in April 2024 and consists of the following: 

  • Anselm Clouden, Attorney at Law 
  • Dr. Shawn Charles, Chief Medical Officer 
  • ACP Vannie Curwen, Acting Commissioner of Police 
  • Mr. Tonja Alexander, a cannabis expert and Rastafarian representative. Betty Ann Lazarus, Public Relations, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Forestry,  and Marine Resources 

This new, streamlined Cannabis Working Committee leverages the expertise and working  knowledge of its members to guide this initial research and recommendation stage.

Focus on consultation and a data-driven approach. 

The Cannabis Working Committee’s primary mandates include: 

  1. Engage with the Grenadian Community: Through extensive consultations, the  committee aims to understand the public’s views on cannabis use and  reclassification. 
  2. Shape Legislative and Regulatory Framework: Informed by public  consultations, the committee will advise on designing a new legal and regulatory  framework for cannabis. 

Open and transparent process: 

At this stage, the Working Committee is moving beyond discussion and taking decisive  action to achieve its mandates from the Cabinet. The Working Committee’s activities  focus on gathering data and public opinion. The plan include: 

  1. Publishing a Policy Statement: This document will outline the government’s  direction on cannabis legislation. 
  2. National Panel Discussion: Bringing together regional experts, this event will  offer an opportunity to demystify cannabis, explore the realities of medical and  scientific cannabis legalisation, and kick-start the national conversation. 
  3. Data Compilation and Analysis: Information gathered through all consultation  processes will be meticulously compiled and analysed. 
  4. Collaboration with the Ministry of Legal Affairs: The committee will work  closely with the Ministry of Legal Affairs to research and recommend legislative  amendments for cannabis decriminalisation and depenalization in this initial  phase. 

Balancing Progress with Responsibility: 

The Government of Grenada acknowledges the growing interest in cannabis legalisation.  It also recognises the experiences of those impacted by current laws and appreciates  public enthusiasm. However, a responsible approach is crucial. The current work ensures  all aspects of Grenadian society are considered while pursuing positive, data-driven  progress.