New National Disaster Co-ordinator Appointed To NaDMA

PR – Dr. Terence Walters is the new National Disaster Coordinator of NaDMA. The  appointment took effect Tuesday 4th October, 2022. 

Dr. Walters is no stranger to the position or Agency as he served as both Deputy  Disaster Coordinator and Acting National Disaster Coordinator during the period  2009 to 2017. 

While out of active Disaster Management duty, Dr. Walters honed his knowledge in  the field achieving a PhD in Public Policy and Administration with a focus in  Emergency Management in April 2021 and also completed the Master of Philosophy  (MPhil) in Public Policy and Administration (Emergency Management) in 2020.  

As a Disaster Management practitioner, Dr. Walters has participated in several  trainings in the areas of Disaster Management, Business Continuity and Results Based  Management. His background spans Education, Drug Prevention Education, Disaster  Management, and Public Health. 

Dr. Walters is familiar with the regional and international disaster management  context and has travelled extensively and participated in many disaster management  exercises. 

Dr. Walters replaces Mr. Benedict Peters who retired in July 2022. The staff at NaDMA welcomes Dr. Walters to the Agency.