New Grenada Cabinet

PR – Hon. Dickon Mitchell – Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, & Minister for National Security, Home  Affairs, Public Administration, Information and Disaster Management  

Hon. Joseph Andall – Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade & Export  Development 

Hon. Lennox John Andrews – Minister for Economic Development,  Planning, Tourism, ICT, Creative Economy,  Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries &  Cooperatives 

Hon. Dennis Cornwall – Minister for Infrastructure and Physical  Development, Public Utilities, Civil Aviation  & Transportation 

Hon. Tevin Andrews – Minister for Carriacou & Petite Martinique  Affairs and Local Government 

Hon. Philip Alfred Telesford – Minister for Social & Community  Development, Housing and Gender Affairs 

Hon. Andy Williams – Minister for Mobilisation, Implementation & Transformation 

Hon. Kerryne Zennelle James – Minister for Climate Resilience, The Environment & Renewable Energy 

Hon. Ron Livingston Redhead – Minister of State with responsibility for  Youth & Sports within the Ministry of  Education, Youth, Sports & Culture 

Sen. The Hon. Claudette Joseph – Attorney General & Minister for Legal  Affairs, Labour and Consumer Affairs 

Sen. The Hon. Adrian Augustine Thomas- Minister of State with responsibility for  Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries &  Cooperatives 

Sen. The Hon. David Evlyn Andrew – Minister for Education, Youth, Sports &  Culture  

Sen. The Hon. Gayton Jonathan LaCrette- Minister for Health, Wellness & Religious Affairs 

Sen. The Hon. Gloria Ann Thomas – Minister of State with responsibility for  Social Development and Gender Affairs Within the Ministry of Social & Community  Development, Housing and Gender Affairs 

Ruth Elizabeth Rouse (Ms.) Secretary to the Cabinet (Ag.)