New Details Of Delphi Bridge Murders Reveal Victims Died In Bloodbath, Killer Took ‘Souvenir’

(DAILY MAIL UK) – A man who owned the land where the teenage victims of the Delphi Bridge murders were found may have been the voice recorded by the girls in their final moments.

The FBI search warrant disclosed that Ron Logan couldn’t be definitively ruled out as the man heard saying ‘Down the hill,’ to Abby Williams and Libby German shortly before they died.Logan died in 2020, and was never formally named as a suspect in the February 2017 murders.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday it emerged that Williams and German were found covered in blood – and their killer took a twisted souvenir, a search warrant has revealed.

Delphi Bridge murder victims Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, were found to have lost a large amount of blood when discovered dead close to an Indiana hiking trail in February 2017.

‘A large amount of blood was lost by the victims at the crime scene,’ an FBI search warrant read. It did not note how the girls had been wounded, but noted that there were no signs of a ‘struggle or fight.’

The warrant, obtained by the Murder Sheet podcast and released to Indianapolis FOX59, offered no further information on a murder weapon or cause of death.

Police have never disclosed how the two friends died after being stalked by their killer on a hiking trail, with information on the bloody crime scene offering a gruesome new detail.

Their killer likely got his victims’ blood on his clothes, the warrant also revealed, although no-one has ever been charged with the double-homicide.

Indiana State Police said in February they know who killed the girls, but say they have insufficient evidence to make an arrest.

Chillingly, FBI investigators believe the young friends’ killer took a souvenir from their corpses to provide a warped memento of his appalling crimes.

The warrant offered no further detail on what the souvenir was, although it did say that ‘the rest of (the girls’) clothing was recovered,’ implying that the killer had taken something they’d been wearing.

And sickeningly, the murderer ‘staged’ the girls’ bodies in a particular way after killing them, although it remains unclear exactly how he did this.

Investigators believe photographs or videos were likely shot of the grotesque set-up to ‘memorialize’ the crime scene.

The warrant further revealed that the FBI had probable cause to search the home and property of Ron Logan.

He was the owner of the land where the girls’ bloodied bodies were found. They were discovered about 1,400 feet from Logan’s house.

Logan was arrested shortly after the killings, but was never charged, and died in 2020. He was a habitual traffic offender who served time behind bars for his crimes, but is not considered a suspect in the murders of Williams and German.

The 2017 murder of Abby, 13, and Libby, 14, became notorious after investigators released chilling footage the girls recorded of a man following and approaching them across the Manon High Bridge in the woods of Delphi, Indiana.

A brief snippet of audio was released, of the man saying ‘Down the hill.’ The full clip is 43 seconds long, but its contents are believed to be too disturbing to share in full.

The voice in the clip was described as being ‘not inconsistent’ with that of Logan, the FBI investigation concluded. A brief clip of the man walking towards the girls on the Monon High Bridge Trail was released too.

The FBI agent who wrote the warrant said that she had probable cause to search the property of Logan, including his house, any outbuildings, and his car for anything that might be linked to the murders, including bodily fluids, hair, and guns or cutting instruments.

The FBI also wanted to check for cameras or anything where photos or videos could be stored.

The document also stated that Logan’s ‘voice is not inconsistent with that of the person in the video,’ and that he was known to own numerous handguns and knives.

The warrant also revealed that Logan lied about his alibi to police, noting that he had told investigators that on the day of the murder on February 13 a friend had picked him up and driven him to a store between ‘2pm and 2:30pm.’

Logan reached out to a family member the following morning on February 14 and asked them to tell police about his trip the previous day, and to say he returned home between 5pm and 5:30pm.

The family member Logan asked to lie for him told police Logan’s lie on March 7, 2017, then two days later admitted he’d lied because Logan asked him to, adding that Logan ‘had never asked [him] to lie in the past.’

Investigators noted that Logan appeared to have asked the family member to lie for him before the crime had even been discovered.

The warrant wrote that Logan made ‘statements that were found to be factually false and intentionally designed to deceive.’

A search of Logan’s property in March 2017 turned up a receipt timestamped 5:21pm from a town 30 minutes from his house, making his return home at the time he reported in his alibi doubtful.

Cellphone data also revealed Logan to be in Delphi and near the Monon High Bridge where the girls went missing on the afternoon of their disappearance.

In April of 2017 Logan was arrested after he confessed to violating a parole related to serial traffic violations.

In March, Kegan Kline was named as a possible suspect in the girls’ murders.

Kline, 27, Peru in Indiana, is said to have admitted talking to Libby German using a fake Instagram profile called Anthony_shots.

The suspected pedophile – who is heavy-set and pasty-faced – used an image of a ripped and muscular young man to trick underage girls into speaking to him.

Kline is said to have arranged to meet with Libby on the Delphi High Bridge the day before she was murdered while walking along it.

But he is also said to have shared his Anthony_shots password with others – including his father – and said his dad could be a prime suspect in the killings.

Kline is being held in jail after being arrested on separate child porn charges in 2020. Neither he nor his father have been arrested over the Delphi Bridge killings, which police continue to investigate.